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The Mission of TrailPort At TrailPort, our mission is to provide a timely and secure transportation solution. Whether your needs are commercial or personal, small scale or immense, TrailPort patented lift & load system will simplify the logistics. Apart from unmatched functionality, TrailPort is also proud to present the user with a virtually 100% secure environment for transport. Our mission is to help you get your cargo where you want it, in minimum time, with minimal risk. Our innovative lift & load system allows just that.

Lift & Load At TrailPort we pride ourselves on giving our customers the most cutting-edge technology. In essence, TrailPort is just that. TrailPort will forever revolutionize the way you think of cargo transport, security and logistics. Ever had to move valuables across the country? Ever been nervous about trusting someone else with a lifetime’s investments? We have. And that’s why we at TrailPort went back to the drawing board to look at complete security for cargo transportation. What we found will change the world of transportation for forever.

Let Your Imagination Run Wild Imagine you have to try to load or unload an auto-hauling trailer by yourself. Virtually impossible? Not anymore. If you were paying to have a prized vehicle transported, wouldn’t you want the transport to be easy and safe – ensuring that your vehicle would arrive in the pristine condition? Transport companies need only send one person to handle what use to be a team effort. Vendors, flea-marketers, delivery services can all use the 360-degree access to cargo in innovative ways. Imagine, you would NEVER have to unload your cargo. You can easily display your goods and advertise on the sides of the TrailPort using it like a portable billboard! You can also store your products overnight without concern. Delivery services have always had to load their cargo in order of delivery, with 360-degree access – you can unload from any point on the TrailPort. Keep your garage at home clear and never pay for storage again. Imagine the possibilities!

A New Day Presently, there are two basic trailer designs that are manufactured worldwide. Despite their dimensions and capacities, almost all trailers are either open flatbed or enclosed box designs. Exceptions to these are soft-sided cargo trailers, which use tarps to cover the interior. All of these designs have advantages and disadvantages.

The TrailPort concept fuses the benefits and abilities of these designs into a single vehicle, creating the most dynamic trailer on the market. Flexibility has always been an important angle of development at TrailPort. continues this legacy with true multi-purpose technology. What’s more, the TrailPort beats the security on all existing types of trailers. At TrailPort, we consciously headed away from the door locking method. After all, how many times have you heard of trailer locks being picked or knocked off? In the TrailPort however, lock picking is impossible. Why? Since there are NO DOORS OR WINDOWS, there simply are no visible locks to pick.

TrailPort will truly change the way you think about security, cargo and transportation. No more worrying about the safety of your product. No more investing useless dollars on ineffective locking mechanisms. No more headaches about loading and unloading goods. Just lift, load and go. It’s a new day.
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